How not to get ripped off by your mechanic

Mechanics all over the world are believed to be untrustworthy, I don’t have real facts about that, but some few of them are trustworthy. Because they handle precious machinery so dear to many owners, it should not hold the waters in the case. A study indicates that only 29% of mechanics have a 100% level of trust in their profession. It should be better than that!

How mechanics commonly trick their clients to pay for services they don’t need is a total let down to their profession. For the case, mechanics lure their clients into buying services that they don’t need to make extra money from them. It is not bad because they do rob you with violence, you also feel and see the service you bought, unlucky because those kinds of services are unfriendly to your bank account. Take into account other basic items you should be buying with this amount instead.

As for you the car owner, to avoid all the drama at the mechanic shop has implemented some of the following services on your own. I bet you will save a lot.

  •  Instead of changing your oil every 3000 miles as directed by the car mechanic, change your engine oil after 5000-7500 miles, especially when your car is still brand new. Go a step further into changing the oil by yourself, you will further reduce the cost, time and ensuring that you use the best quality oil that will last longer than the other types of engine oils they would probably use on your car to ensure that you become their frequent customer.
  •  Recommended tune-ups from the mechanic side that deem not necessary should be avoided. Use technology that is synonymous in today‚Äôs cars to monitor the functionality of your car systems. Trust them; they will raise an alarm when there is a need for a quick fix in your car. It is not economical when you do other things prematurely because of the languishing love for your money by the mechanic.
  • Changing the brake pads all by you, most drivers believe that the task of changing the brake pads is very complex, but believe me, it is not. All you need is a wheel lug wrench, basic wrenches, a jack, and a plier. You will reduce almost by half the cost you could incur if you had popped into a mechanic shop.
  •  Ignore the recommendations imposed by the mechanic to perform unnecessary tune-ups, only go for the basic tune-ups that are essential for your car mobility. Others like changing oil filters, fuel filters can wait until the right time as recommended by the manufacturer. It is safe to follow the guidelines given by the manufacturer than fall prey to the mechanic advise who are thirsty for your money.
  •  Shop around for fair prices and don’t be afraid to ask the mechanic what they are doing in your car.