Questions to ask a mechanic before trusting them with your car?


When you are driving on the road and notice something is not right with your car, something like vibration on the steering wheel or a funny noise when you brake the car or when starting the car, it is probably time for you to see the mechanic before it is too late.

When you first make a stopover at a mechanic shop, there are questions you need to ask your mechanic before you trust them with your car repairs. Ask the following:

1. Have you ever worked on a make and model car as a mind before?

This question is important because some repair shops specialize only on certain makes and models of cars. Before leaving your car with a mechanic ensure that your car is dealt with by a specialist not only familiar with your car model but also a long-term expert in the model of cars as yours.

2. What association of automotive does your repair shop belong to?

The largest organization in the auto industry for repairs is ASS (Automotive Service Association) were to be a member, your shop is required to go through review and registration to adhere to the industry regulation and code of ethics. AAA is another organization that put repair shops a thorough review process to ensure they meet industry regulations and customer service standards.

3. Can I get a reference from other customers you have served before?

Do customer references and also take some time to perform online research about the service shop. You can keep an eye on the shop to see how other clients are served.

4. Will a diagnosis of your car be provided free of charge or with a cost?

Before you leave your car with a mechanic, drill the mechanic to know whether the diagnosis is charged or not, if charged, at what rate? Also, try to find out the overall charge for the car repair. It is better if you do online research to find out the average charges of auto repair.

5. Do you have written estimates?

Get to know the detailed estimates before your mechanic proceeds with repairs. All the estimates should include vehicle repair parts and labor charges. This will act as a point of reference in case of disputes in the final cost. It can also be a form of evidence if you want to proceed to other avenues to seek justice in the court of law if you are not satisfied.

6. Will you explain to me in Lehman language the technical aspects of the car repairs when I need clarifications?

Ask to know if your mechanic will be willing to explain to you the technical aspects and terminologies in an easy-to-understand language for you to get satisfied with whatever requirements they ask of you.

7. Will I choose the parts needed to be used for my car repair?

There are different kinds of spare, and from different manufacturers, some are original, and some are generic.