About our Land 400 Phase 2 Bid

Unrivalled protection for Australian troops

Land 400 Phase 2 will deliver 225 vehicles to the Australian Army which is in the first stage of a program that will see the replacement of its entire fighting vehicle capability.

Rheinmetall offers a military off the shelf (MOTS) vehicle that delivers protection for Australian troops like no other vehicle in its class. BOXER CRV is designed to perform at the very high levels of protection required by Land 400 Phase 2.

Rheinmetall’s MOTS Plus offering will comprise the BOXER CRV fitted with the LANCE two-man 30mm turret.

No other Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV) is designed to operate at the protection levels offered by the combat-proven BOXER. Unlike competitor vehicles, the BOXER balances the key military requirements of protection, mobility and firepower in an unrivalled combination that can be rapidly transitioned into service and easily supported through life.

The key features of the Rheinmetall bid for the Australian Army Land 400 program include:

Unparalleled survivability: BOXER CRV can survive against the full spectrum of battlefield threats including small arms, heavy machine guns, mines, NBC contaminants and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) using its unique modular, upgradeable survivability system.

Commitment to Australian Industry Capability: Rheinmetall has an enduring commitment to creating and sustaining jobs in Australia. This will see Australian SMEs provided with access to export opportunities within the company’s global supply chain.

Low Risk: Rheinmetall is uniquely positioned to provide a fully integrated BOXER CRV mission system for Land 400 that includes the vehicle, turret, ILS, simulation and ammunition all from one supplier, including access to intellectual property.

Value for money: The BOXER CRV offering for the Australian Army will keep costs competitive while Rheinmetall Defence engineering eclipses all other options when it comes to sustainable through life support.